Monday, September 26, 2005

App: Web Reader

The problem that most of us have with modern web-feed pages is simple...they have to much stuff on them, even if we want to read all of it...we don't know which first or last and other such. So have the computer do it for you via a page or program. Have the page use math to prioritize articles and such in RSS feeds, as well keep a history of that which it was already shown the user, so as to not be repetitive. This would elimantate missing things on feed pages (like google's personalized home...and yahoo's and microsoft's) and no win...obviously there are freaks out there who can actually glance over the feeds and priotize and choose and read everything they want to....without becoming lost distracted or bored...and they are known as hopeless weirdos. or robots.

5 ice cubes where destroyed in the making of this idea.


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