Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Website: How Getting a Girl is like getting a Job

ok maybe I am crazy but I think you could make a really funny site on getting a job is like getting a girl. Your apperance is like your application, then you have the first few dates which are like interviews. Then you have benefits, requirements, problems etc. it's all comparble.

3 Snickers were eaten in the making of this idea.


Blogger The_Last_One said...

HHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHHA Yes Delicious Idea and so true.....anywhos, i was random site searching and found urs, good ideas, go to mine*, its depressingly morbid.
www.chencho-rico.blogspot.com, oky doky, well talk to u later.


*Mine and my friend's Blog*

3:12 PM  

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