Thursday, October 13, 2005

Policy: Shorts' Intros and Credits

Ok...I am guilty of this...nearly every individual and major company does this...and it's time for it to stop. They have this 1 minute intro and then 5 minutes of credits on a 1 - 20 minute video. Now the reasoning behind adding these screens is because shows on TV didn't have filenames and meta tags like files on the computer. Because they weren't on computers, computers at the time were the size of New York and couldn't do much...

So here's a few rules
  1. For the intro of any short you can have 1 -2 seconds of the title of the more and nothing else or you are wasting bandwidth and the viewers time.
  2. Now nobody watches credits....heck the only way that movies in the theaters can get you to watch the credits is by putting bloppers with them or some special extra ending after them and stuff like that. Nobody cares about who all worked themselves to death to make it an awesome video and the few that do...can read the meta tags.
So please filmmakers get rid of the intro, get rid of the credits, you are wasting our precious entertainment time with your stupid wrappers.

14 bees were killed in the making of this idea.


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